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I want to know the difference and use of nobody, somebody, anybody. Thanks!

October 11, 2017

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Hi! It is easier than you can imagen! Think of the meaning of "no", "some" and "any": added to "body", you will find it easy to understand! NO is negative: ninguno, nadie. SOME and ANY mean almost the same and are used for questions, offers and answers: alguno, alguien.


Yes; this is correct! Also, in most cases, ANY has a bit more impact. As an example, "Can somebody help me?" is much less emphatic (enfático) than "Can ANYbody help me?"


nobody: ninguno ,( nadie ) Nobody here ? somebody: alguno (s ), alguien . Somebody said that. anybody: cualquiera . He can play with anybody. ( más o menos eso )

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