Please everyone who wants a lojban course on duolingo say it in the comments, anyone who does not know what lojban is you can find out here: it is similar to esparanto and klington, the new languages on duo in that they are both constructed languages(they didn't evolve over time like normal languages) but this one is, in syntax at least, completely unambiguous, and it only has less than 1400 root words, which can be converted easily into adjectives, nouns, and verbs. I see this as a great language to learn (in theory at least) but all of the existing textbooks and curricula online are too hard to follow and understand.

This is where duolingo comes in ;)

If we can get enough people to comment below that they feel that lojban should be included! Cheers!

October 11, 2017


Why are people downvoting this? What's your problem with Lojban?

Ah, Lojban. I myself may not learn it for a while, but I support the creation of such a course.

Added, thanks for the shout-out :)

.iesai You have no idea how much I want that.

I would love to have lojban on duolingo

I want lojban too. It’s a very interesting language.

e'osai ko sarji la Lojban. (Please enjoy Lojban.)

Seems like a cool idea to me.

Yes! One thousand times yes!

I want it to happen too

I am interested in learning Lojban and I think that it would be a great course on Duolingo.

Lerni lojxbanon interesas min kaj mi pensas, ke estus bonega kurso en Duolingo.

mi wile pi kama sona e toki Losupan li pilin e ni: nasin ona pi ilo Duolingo li pona mute.

mi lukin e ni: sina toki e toki pona! sina toki e toki Epelanto. toki Epelanto li ike mute. toki pona en toki Losupan li pona mute

I want to get a sense of Lojban, so I'm all for it.

Yay! Yes please. What a treat, a Lojban course on DuoLingo. We could finally put the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis to the test!

Considering the trend of people not wanting to talk to their computer with a language that is not something you'd refer to as "mathematical" unless you want to have Math professors vomit on your desk... I think it would probably be something for me to look into lojban. As, from what I've read, it is less problematic than various natural languages--and less problematic than speaking to a computer in BASH (which makes screaming at a computer in Klingon seem tame and nice).

It also would be fun to walk around in public and talk to those voice recognition systems in Lojban.

Yes! It is my favorite language right after Catalan and my own native language (Portuguese)! And I really really like English, Japanese and Norwegian! Lojban deserves much more love!

It should not come as a surprise that I strongly support this idea. If it does then that just proves that we need this :)

I can see that you support it from your username and profile picture

1 year old post. still waiting for lojban. i have basically dropped learning russian to learn lojban because i think it would be more fun to learn. then again, i have many many pdf's to read if i want anything form it. DUO, Logban when?

Please add Lojban to duolingo

I would love a course on Lojban! I am an "advanced beginner" and would be happy to help contribute to the course!

.i mi ba prami lo nu cilre tau la .lojban. .i mi nintadni .ije mi ba gleki lo nu ctuca

I would love to see a Lojban course. It's the only reason I'm currently using the rival "Memrise" app. You want me to be a premium user?, add Lojban!.

Lojban for duo. if i had the free time, or wasnt lasy i would probably program a application similar to duolingo in python to do it. maybe i will some day. then again i got to learn lojban first or as im writing the program.

Yes, I would very much love to see Lojban in Duolingo! I love the language because it does not have any grammatical exceptions, no verb conjugations, no homophonic ambiguity, not having to figure out if an object is masculine or feminine (a pet peeve of mine), a very small yet modular vocabulary, and it is just an awesome language to learn! I am very surprised that Lojban is not even on Duolingo yet.

An app would be the only thing that would give me any hope of ever learning a language with so few speakers as Lojban, yet it is one of the most interesting of constructed languages.

Would love to see this course added!

Esperanto - made with the purpose of being easy to learn so as to facilitate communication between the peoples of of foreign lands.

Lojban - made primarily to facilitate logical thinking. Also supposed to be easy to learn (I don't know, haven't tried yet) so it may be usable for a similar purpose to Esperanto as a secondary benefit.

Klingon - Made to sound tough and alien as part of a TV/Movie franchise. Learned primarily by people who are big fans of said franchise.

I mean no disrespect to anyone but maybe Klingon isn't the best comparison. Maybe comparing a language to Klingon isn't the best way to get support for a Duolingo course...

Then again.. Klingon already exists as a course in beta so... I could be wrong.

Klingon's not in beta though.

I am interested as well

[deactivated user]

    I definitely 100% support the idea for a Lojban course.

    I would love this course to be added.

    Please create a lojban course

    I'd like to learn Lojban. There's a serious lack of resources regarding this.

    I also support it, please, Duolingo.

    It would be great to see this on Duolingo.

    I love lojban! I don't know enough to be able to speak it, but I am currently learning it and I would love a Duolingo course

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