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  5. "이것은 건물이 아닙니다."

"이것은 건물이 아닙니다."

Translation:This is not a building.

October 11, 2017



'This thing is not a building' should have been accepted.


Why this thing is not a building is a wrong translation?


What you said is a correct translation too if you go by word to word but sometimes these things are not ideal to use in english idk how duolingo works tho sometimes it teaches like this and sometimes it purely focuses on every word for eg marking the answer wrong when you forget "the" but back to the main point here what you said is correct too


How would you say "This is not the building"?


It is the same! The nuance changes depending on context. "이것은 건물이 안입니다" means both "This is not a building" and "This is not the building"


i guess it would be 이것은 그 건물이 아닙니다 which would be "this is not that building" since "the building" means you have a specific building in mind so you can probably say that this is not that building (that you're looking for)


Why is it not "이것은 건물을 아닙니다"?


Because 건물 is the subject, not the object in the sentence.


Why do they accept 이것은 그것은 저것은. As things but wont accept. This thing is not a building?


There's a specific word for this thing.

이 물건


I get confused!


아닙니다 is the form of writing 안 입니다?


Yes. It is much convenient to say "아닙니다" than "안 입니다." Like the verb "보아요" or "look" is said as "봐요" as a shortened form


Which is the opposite of 이다


Is that dictionary form? "아니다"


Is the usage of 이것은 and 이 interchangeable? would they both still mean the same thing if changed? Example: "이 건물이 아닙니다"


That doesn't really make sense in English. Its literally saying 'This building is not'

이것은 is used to refer to an object specifically as it has the word '것' which means 'thing' 이 can be used, but only when the object (or whatever is being talked about) is specified after like you wrote '이 건물' 이것은 is just used for saying 'this thing' as the object you are talking about can clearly be seen, so you don't have to say its name.


But your sentence could be implied as if you are looking for/at a building and you say '이 건물이 아닙니다' and look gor another one


so basically '이' for 'this' and '저' for 'that'?


이 = The object being spoken about is closer to the speaker than the listener, e.g 이거 얼마에요? (How much is this?)

그= The object being spoken about is closer to the listener than the speaker e.g 그것은 신발 입니까? (Are those shoes?)

저 = The object is far from the speaker and the listener like saying "that thing over there" e.g 저것은 뭐예요? (What is that thing over there?)


It's not just a boulder...it's a rock.


If only I can show you a screenshot...


I answered it correct, "This is not a building" why you consider it wrong


이것은 seems to work like kore wa in Japanese, am I right?


Yes, same idea.


This is not a building why is not accepted even no period pls consider it.


아니요, 이것은 건물이 아닙니다. 이것인 물건입니다.


No, this is not a building. This is a thing . Is this translation correct ??


With my Korean language study with Duolingo, I observe more and more mistakes in Duolingo, both with wrong spellings of words and with judging my results. Regularly the right spelling is missing in the offered solutions, and Duolingo then judge that you made a typo. I am beginning to loose confidence in the teaching capabilities of the package.

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