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  5. "La producción es cara."

"La producción es cara."

Translation:The production is expensive.

April 3, 2014



cara = dear in British English


Cara translates as dear in UK english. It should be allowed.


I believe Duo only means "the production is expensive" you normally hear 'es caro' meaning it's expensive and I'm assuming because producción is feminine, caro becomes cara. Duo probably wanted you to recognise that, that's my guess anyway.


In English, dear has the same meaning as expensive. What is wrong with DL? Don't they use an English/Spanish dictionary when they make translations?


Unfortunately for the international community, DL is mostly based on American English.
Feel free to report it, but "dear" may be a little too much of a colloquialism for their comfort.


Thats right ;-)

No 'dear', 'expensive' and production can be a musical production, a performance, or an industrial production, manufacturing.


I don´t see why dear is wrong


i gave dear as my answer and it was rejected


We are learning Spanish, not UK English.


Yes, but OUR exercise was to translate the Spanish we saw into ENGLISH. You do not always see the same lesson order as others.


Understood, but does the sentence, "The production is dear", make sense?


We wouldn't say it in the USA, but in the UK one might, like: "We only produced a sample run of the gadgets; the production costs are dear and our investors are becoming stubborn about providing us with more funds." To THEM it sounds natural!


When you put it like that (costs are dear) I get what you mean but if you said the production is dear i would think you meant that it meant a lot to you.


Excuse my ignorance, but I have never heard the word dear used in this fashion. Thanks for the tidbit of knowledge.


De nada, forum amigo.


"The production is costly" is wrong. :(


The production is expensive


I wonder why?


I used "costly"and it marked me wrong.


Costly would be costoso


Report it; it is synonymous in English, and we were asked to translate into English.


So does a double c turn into an X sound? That's what I'm hearing.


Yes a cc sounds like ks or x


That is because the first c makes a k sound but the second c makes a s sound.


Dear and expensive mean the same thing in English


Why is dear not as good as expensive?


Dear is the same as expensive in English, so not incorrect


"caro/a," like "dear" in English, has two very different meanings. One is expensive and the other is beloved. Because "dear" has this dual meaning, it isn't clear which one is meant when you translate with "dear" instead of "expensive."

The fact that "dear" can mean "expensive" in English is nice, but it doesn't solve the ambiguity. In other words, Duo needs to be sure you mean "expensive" when you translate "caro" in this sentence. If you translate it as "dear," Duo has no way of knowing which of the two meanings you intend. Expensive is a perfectly good British English word. So, there's no reason not to use it.


In English, I only hear "production" used this way in the context of a play. What contexts is it used in in Spanish?


I thought the same. My answer "The manufacturing is expensive" was rejected by Duo. I wonder if I should report it as problem.


Sorry, I wrote the following without noticing that you asked about the Spanish, and your question was three years ago (!) I didn't delete it because I thought it might help someone else

In manufacturing, the process of producing stages of a PRODUCT are called a production line; producing items is called production. Outside of manufacturing, one might say, "Incentives put into place last quarter caused the farmers to have a direct increase in the production of food." "There was an decrease in milk production this winter, when the dairy cows' ration of hay was cut back."


Yep 'dear' also meaning expensive in English has been rejected by duo. Duo needs to catch up on words used in the English language!


Expensive or costly have the same meaning for Cara.


In English you can also use "dear" to mean expensive


I think "dear" should also be accepted as it is normal English usage so it should be allowed. We are the native speakers here and should know!

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dear is a synonym for expensive in UK and some other forms of English. This seems to be reported time and time again.


cara = expensive/pricy, not only expensive


I agree with previous comments that dear has exactly the same meaning in English as expensive and I find it quite tiresome that every time I meet this in Duolingo I have to remember to write expensive rather than the more natural dear.


'the production is dear' was marked wrong, I wonder why?


We are writing what we hear, not what we believe it means smh cara isnt gonna mean the same thing in spanish as it doea in uk english

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