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Can we have French stories in Labs?

Can we have french language stories in labs for practice. Presently there are only spanish and portugese stories

October 11, 2017




  1. You should release it in French/German/Russian/The language I am learning!

We would love to! As is likely with any project in Labs, there is a tiny but mighty team behind it, and the staff involved use the resources available to them to test a concept. So it is safe to assume that the plan is to just keep polishing it in Spanish and Portuguese to see if Stories is successful in its goals.
If it is, it could launch as a full-on feature and then expand to other languages.
Also, in addition to spending resources in an experiment, the more languages we add at this stage, the more work (and time) it would take to refine it.
These requests are a great sign to us though—shows us that you are excited about the feature and can’t wait to use it. =]


That would be fantastic


they are probably trying to put more languages on stories. I also want the same as you


I know it's early, but adding French would help a lot!


How does that help DuoLingo internally to get some early user feedback and meassure their metrics if they want to continue....what needs to be changed....or maybe (hopefully not) drop this feature?

Adding another 3rd or 4th language would IMHO not help the DuoLingo "business developers" help analyze those basic usage / user feedback processes for this BETA feature.


Duo labs / stories is early BETA.

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