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Czech font (and other accented languages)

Hello, I don't know if I'll find a czech team member that way but I'll try to. Or a duolingo staff. I am currently learning czech and I think the default font is not appropriate for czech. Some accents, especially on the í are not easy to read. I see it is museo font, which is the default on the website but maybe this could be a parameter for languages, to let the teams choose the best one to learn the language. The website is nice but when you are on the course, readability should be the top priority. For example, I usually force monospaced font (which is ugly) when I am on my desktop PC. Any way to improve that point ?

October 11, 2017



After 618 days on Duolingo I'm quite disillusioned. It would be easy and cheap to improve readability, there were many complaints (low contrast and tiny accents standing out here) - but Duolingo never did a thing.

I would love to be proved wrong. Maybe staff will do something one day.


See this discussion from a couple of years ago. The unfortunate truth is that Museo Sans Rounded has all of the letters that Czech (and other central European languages) needs, but after all this time, Duolingo continues to serve only a subset of that typeface to meet the orthographic needs of only western European languages. However, even serving the full typeface wouldn’t address the poor legibility of e.g. its í glyph (which I’ve put into boldface for improved legibility).

In the interim, an alternate method to use a typeface of your choice instead of Museo Sans Rounded is discussed here — for example, Verdana is sans-serif, supports central European languages, and has an easily distinguishable í glyph.


Well, you got a Czech team member. Unfortunately for you, that amounts to exactly nothing. We just make the content. Whether/how the professionals in Pittsburgh choose to serve it to the users is entirely up to them. Did you notice how much faster the forums are after they were upgraded to run faster? No? Let's just say that the probability of success for our request that they fix an illegible or ugly font impacting less than 1% of their users is negligible due to more significant opportunities for improvement elsewhere.


As has been mentioned, it's by no means a new issue. Look how silly the font rendering in Polish looks in the announcement they just posted: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/pl/status

And this for a course that launched going on four years ago.


Indeed, impressive. As if Polish wasn't enough hard to read ! Always hard to see how big companies can spit on the users work.

I'll describe another way to have your personal font. I tried Font Changer, why not, it does the job if you find a proper font in the list.

Another way is this one, it works with Firefox at least and every browser that has Styl-US extension available. 1. You need this extension (Styl-US) : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/styl-us/?src=search 2. Get this style file on your computer : https://github.com/flartet/duolingo-font/blob/master/duolingo.json 3. Stylus => Manage styles => Import Styles 4. Choose the downloaded style 5. If you want to change the font-family style, you can edit the style and replace the "Verdana" by another one.

If someone want to try :)

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