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Does clutter as a word exist in French?

Clutter in English means concepts, ideas as well as tangible assets.

Is there one word in French or must it be translated by different words


October 11, 2017


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desordre , fouillis and pagaille are pretty close to it!



Cheers thanks .. merci

so odten we have one word in English that has so many different meanings


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How true and yet the language is richer (in words) than most other Indo-European languages. Is that a trait of the pack rat level the Anglo-Saxons are?-) On the other hand, how inadequate it could be when translating ancient languages. That could well be a sign of the opposite!


I have been thinking about how to learn words properly. I could say, I have a lot of clutter on my desk or I could say that I have a lot of junk on my desk and mean basically the same thing, but I cannot say I found the hub cap in a clutter yard. My current thinking is just go ahead and learn a word from whatever context is comes up in and then as you read and hear more you will better learn where that word can be used. The true "meaning" of a word will end up being the sum total of learning when that word can be used, but I am just theorizing.


do you do all the language above

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