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  5. "오후에 집에 가요."

"오후에 집에 가요."

Translation:Let's go home in the afternoon.

October 11, 2017



If you're only going to allow "let's" then the verb should be 가자 or 갑시다.


In speech Korean, we rely on verb endings and intonations to distinguish the sentence type whether it is declarative, interrogative, propositive, imperative or exclamative.

But in order to distinguish them in writing especially when verb endings of different types look similar like in this case, proper punctuation marks should be used.

So for the sentence above to be "propositive", may be an exclamation mark (!) is needed?

오후에 집에 가요. I go home in the afternoon

오후에 집에 가요! Let's go home in the afternoon!


Isn't "Let's" 갑시다?


That is the formal "let's" and this is the less formal but still polite "let's"


But how do we know that it's a ''let's go'' and not an ''I go''?


You don't. It depends heavily on the context.


Then the course should accept "I go" as another possible answer.


I agree. I think with the use of the "period mark" in the Korean sentence, the declarative/affirmative form should be the correct translation ...


Should be 갑시다 or 가자. 바보야...


From my understanding 가 is to "go" and using ㅂ시다 or 요 is depending on how formal you are speaking. The word "Let's" is omitted, it is implied when the speaker puts it into action, like "하지 or 하다" in this instance 가요 let's go.


Right. The original form of the verb is 가다, and the usage varies on which 'verb endings' you use in a sentence. I personally like to compare it with conjugations in several European languages.


Why can't this be "I go home in the afternoon" or " Go home in the afternoon" ?


I go home in the afternoon, (Yes).

Go home in the afternoon - imperative form. (No) This would translate as:

오후에 집에 가세요!


"Go home in the afternoon" isn't accepted


"Go home [...]" is the imperative mood.

가요 indicates either a declarative mood (statement) or a propositive mood. That's why you have been marked wrong.

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