"And yet they hate us."

Translation:A přesto nás nenávidí.

October 11, 2017



Why is it wrong to include 'oni' here ?

December 13, 2017


What is the difference between přesto and přece?

Is "A přece nás nenávidejí." wrong?

October 11, 2017


Přesto is "yet-in spite of something"

Přece has many different meanings. Most often "nevertheless, after all, anyway as well as yet" Here it sounds weird. Not sure what one would try to say using it. The most famous use is Galileo Galilei"s "And yet, it moves" = A přece se točí.

October 11, 2017


Why "A nas presto nenavidi" is not valid? It says that I have to say "A ona nas presto nenavidi" instead of it. Nerozumim xD.

February 10, 2018
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