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  5. "My wife is seriously pretty."

"My wife is seriously pretty."

Translation:제 아내는 엄청 예뻐요.

October 11, 2017



I put '아내' but it says the correct answer is '와이프는', is that just because the 는 is attached or is the word itseld used in different situations?


아내 is definitely the correct answer. 와이프 should not be accepted in my view.


It's because of the missing 는


Sometimes this stupid site wants 제, sometimes it wants 저의. They mean the same thing, but if you don't choose the one they want, they count it as completely wrong. Not even a typo comment, just absolutely wrong... I hate this lesson so much. It's taking forever for me to get through it because it is FILLED with errors and moderator issues.


I find that with the last few lessons of this level are inconsistent like this and I'm worried that of it continues on with the drop in quality I'll give up out of fruatration. I tried the french lessons and it is quite a stark difference in the quality of content... But that is obvious that there are more active people on that language. But we can dream. Maybe if all the kpop stans start using Duolingo for Korean. We can change it.


why is 내 아내는 wrong?


You could say that, but the sentence ends with an honorific. This indicates that this sentence will be written in the formal form. 내 아내는 is informal while 재 아내는 is formal and compliments the honorific '요' at the end.


The proposed translation is one of these artificial Duolingo translations that could get you in trouble. It's ok to tell someone 'you're very/ so/ really pretty', but if you say 'seriously pretty' she could either be offended (because it seems you're being ironic) or just burst into laughter (because it sounds so weird).


우리 아내는 should be accepted too, right? it's just duolingo wanting a specific answer?


Isn't 우리 아내 far more common in spoken Korean?

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