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  5. "Zabil holýma rukama medvěda!"

"Zabil holýma rukama medvěda!"

Translation:He killed a bear with his bare hands!

October 11, 2017



Why is "the bear" not accepted?


"the bear" would mean that a reference to the hapless bear has already been established, and that would require reordering of the czech sentence, preferably along with adding the demo pronoun as well: "zabil (toho) medvěda holýma rukama." try searching for the contextual differences associated with the (in)definitiveness of the bear in "he killed a/the bear with a knife" on google books.


I would suggest in this sentence the emphasis is on killing a bear without tools such as a knife. It does not mean he had nothing on his hands he could be wearing gloves. In this type of sentence though 'his' would usually be used. Although when it is not so dramatic you could say something like she washed up with bare hands meaning she didn't wear gloves. I do not think there can be any question as to whose bare hands are being used. I am an English English native speaker


In my opinion, "he killed a bear with bare hands" should also be accepted.... here the "his" is implied in English as well.


I'm a native speaker of AE. My guess is that 95% of native speakers would use "his" here., not omit it.


The standard in English is to use the possessive when applicable. As such, if you leave out the "his" in this sentence, you leave the reader wondering whose hands were used to kill the bear.


how do you know? "a bear, instead of the bear?


We have no demonstrative and the word order suggests medvěda is the new information here.


Just when I thought that instrumental declensions seem easier than the other declensions, Duo presented me with “rukama” which didn't seem to fit. So I looked it up ( https://cs.wiktionary.org/wiki/ruka ) and discovered that “ruka” declined in singular and plural as well at dual!!!!! What kind of words decline in dual? Only body parts? Socks? Windshield wipers? Do the adjectives for "dual" nouns decline in the same way?


Plesse read the Tips and notes first, it is not worth anyone's time to repeat it. In one sentence: paired body organs decline in plural in a way that comes from the old dual.

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