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  5. "Yes, goodbye!"

"Yes, goodbye!"

Translation:Da, la revedere!

October 11, 2017



I guess my problem here is to know what's the big difference between saying goodbye and bye, which I would essentially use for the same thing...

[deactivated user]

    Isn't "bye" the informal way of speaking?


    Yes, "goodbye" is more formal, though it can also be used informally. If you are speaking to someone you would address as "sir/ma'am" use "Goodbye" For a close friend you would address by given name or nickname either is correct, though I expect "bye" is more common.

    Perhaps the Romanian is similar in this respect.


    Is it just me, or is the speaker pronouncing "revedere" with 5 syllables?


    why does it matter so much if you use 'la revedere' vs 'pa' like I get that one is more formal, but it's just. la revedere is more like saying 'i hope to see you again' it's not.. goodbye... and i feel so angst




    My new favorite word is sebastian from the Romanian language. What a beautiful word with such lovely connotations.


    we have just learned that pa=goodbye, so it should be accepted

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