"Yes, goodbye!"

Translation:Da, la revedere!

October 11, 2017



I guess my problem here is to know what's the big difference between saying goodbye and bye, which I would essentially use for the same thing...

October 11, 2017


Isn't "bye" the informal way of speaking?

January 25, 2018


Yes, "goodbye" is more formal, though it can also be used informally. If you are speaking to someone you would address as "sir/ma'am" use "Goodbye" For a close friend you would address by given name or nickname either is correct, though I expect "bye" is more common.

Perhaps the Romanian is similar in this respect.

April 14, 2018


why does it matter so much if you use 'la revedere' vs 'pa' like I get that one is more formal, but it's just. la revedere is more like saying 'i hope to see you again' it's not.. goodbye... and i feel so angst

February 11, 2018
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