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  5. "I am arriving."

"I am arriving."

Translation:Ich komme an.

October 11, 2017



Why are we being thrown seperable verbs at this stage? We haven't even been told about them yet ...


Some of them are very common and you need them for basic conversations.


Replying here as this is a recent conversation. I think Duo needs to look at this lesson. Repetition upon repetition upon repetition of some simple sentences... some LONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG sentences... And very little repetition of the words that are less likely to "stick".

I DEFINITELY know how to say "Kein Bier vor vier" having had to translate/type it what seems like 50 times.......... But it would SURELY be nice to see it a few less times, and get more simple sentences with "waehrend"... Etc. And it'd be nice to get a few more points for getting super long sentences, if Duo is going to go with this league system now. We get punished on the leaderboards for focusing on lessons that might tend to have longer sentences, and take more time, but still award a relatively paltry amount of points. Not fair.


Ich verstehe ... but we haven't been taught about them yet, which makes it confusing. I will persevere. Many thanks.


i dont really get why you need the "an" ich komme


because the verb is "ankommen" (= "to arrive"). "kommen" is "to come".


So you split the verb with "ich" as in " Ich komme an". What do you do with du, (er,sie,es), wir, ihr, and sie?


Splittable verbs are always split when conjugated. Only infinitives and participles stay together.


Why is "Ich ankommen" wrong?


Because you need to use the correct inflected (= finite) form of the verb for the 1st pers. sing. in Präsens (present tense), and that is (for this verb with a separable prefix) ich komme an.

ankommen is the infinitive.


Ankommen is a separable verb. Not sure why its in the preposition lesson, other than the "an." Is "an" still a preposition even when its part of a separable verb?


so this is 'I come at' ?


or 'i come about'?


Ich fahre an is not accepted as a correct vanswer?


No, because that means something completely different. "Ich fahre an" means "I start driving" (sitting in a car).

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