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  5. "Wie geht es seinem Hund?"

"Wie geht es seinem Hund?"

Translation:How is his dog doing?

October 11, 2017



I got confused with 'your dog'. Correct me if I'm wrong, in that case it should be Wie geht es Ihrem Hund? Right?


That's one possible translation, yes.

It could be ... deinem Hund / eurem Hund / Ihrem Hund depending on whether you are speaking to one person or many and how well you know that person / those people.


In the sentence I did earlier: ''How is your wife?'' the 'your' was 'deineR' why is ''his dog'' 'seineM'? I'm just not getting this pronoun thing..


Frau is feminine.

Hund is masculine.

deiner has the -er ending for feminine dative.

seinem has the -em ending for masculine or neuter dative.

For example, Wie geht es deinem Mann / deiner Frau / deinem Kind? Wie geht es seinem Vater / seiner Mutter / seinem Kind? "How is your husband / your wife / your child / his father / his mother / his child"?


Why is seinem in dative?


Why is seinem in dative?

Because the es geht ... construction used to talk about someone's health has the experiencer in the dative case.


If it were 'how is your dog doing?' then the correct sentence would be?


Then the correct sentence would be (as Mizinamo mentioned): 1. Wie geht es deinem Hund. or 2. Wie geht es eurem Hund. or 3. Wie geht es Ihrem Hund.

Depending on the situation.


I put 'how is his dog going' and was marked wrong, although I used the same word, 'going' in an earlier similar sentence and was right. A bit of consistency, please

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