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If Tagalog came to duolingo...

One of the courses I want the most is Tagalog for English Speakers. Unfortunately, I don't think that Tagalog will be coming any time soon. But... If it did, would it teach the Baybayin alphabet, or just use the Latin one? Thanks for your answers!


The Baybayin Alphabet:

October 11, 2017



You'd be hard pressed to find a Tagalog speaker who knows Baybayin. It's only a system that historical experts would know. Everyone uses the Latin script, which when adding ñ from Spanish and the diphthong ng would make up the Filipino alphabet.

As for Duolingo, the priority has always been to first build an English course for Tagalog speakers. That is still in progress, albeit slowly, mainly because of contributor availability. The reverse course will be built when the first one reaches Phase 3. As you said, not anytime soon.


I live in the Philippines - I have never seen Baybayin in real life.

As for a Tagalog course, the current contributor said he would work on the reverse course, after the English course is done, but that was said some time ago. This may (or may not) still be his intention - I don't know. Also, it would require Duolingo to be willing - some offers to do reverse courses get turned down. Though I hope this wouldn't be the case here.


I hope it teaches Baybayin, but it will probably be Latin. Either way, I won't complain. I'll just be so #($*&#(%%)&# happy to have a Tagalog course!!


From what i know they mostly use the latin alphabet nowadays so i doubt it but it would be cool if they had it as a option


uh... possibly both...why not. but at the same time i think it would teach latin. it is more common..do you agree?


I think it depends on the language itself... Do people who speak Tagalog use the Baybayin alphabet or the latin one more?


I have never seen Tagalog in Baybayin.

[deactivated user]

    I hope this will eventually come because I was born in the Philippines. I don't speak the language though. I was only living there for a year.

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