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The Ideal Duolingo

If you were going to re-design Duolingo, how would you do it? What features would you add, and what features would you take away? What do you like and what do you wish were different?

Share your thoughts below!


October 11, 2017



More information on the mobile app


I would make the platform compatible for sign languages, like American Sign Language (ASL) etc. :D


I am aware this exists elsewhere, but I would put in a language partners system. I bet they could do a good job at this.


i would add a thing where you could personally talk to a person specifically. What if you knew that person had the answer and you couldnt talk to them. it would also reduce ridiculous amount of clutter


I would add a section for chatting with other people. It would be like the discussions page - Sort of. You would post something like ''Hi, I'm looking for someone who's willing to chat with me in Russian, preferably a native speaker'' (something like that) and if a native speaker saw the post and could chat, they would reply. Only the two people could chat in it (or maybe there could be group chats...), you couldn't just find a chat and barge in.

I would also bring back the activity stream and immersion (without the problems of course,) I would find speakers of Latin, Taiwanese, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Catalan, Guarani Jopara, Scottish Gaelic, Old English, Thai, Afrikaans, Hawaiian, and Navajo for new courses as well as an ASL course, I would add word lists for all the courses, I would make a guide for beginners, I would get more global moderators, have clubs and bots on the web, more bonus courses, longer trees, fix the notification button, an ability to make your goal whatever number you want, instead of just IXP, 10XP, 20XP, 30XP, or 50XP, remove the health feature, and that's all I can think of for now.


They're working on it (the thing to replace activity).


Where did you hear that?


I just went out and looked for the link . . . while I can verify that what Lemniscatarum says is correct, I can't find the sticky post because it was removed by the moderators.


what about using google hangouts

[deactivated user]

    That would be too much work and the person might not have it and they have to have a google account.


    cant they make one then? if you had a phone you could or use your school account

    [deactivated user]

      I would really like a chat section and there are different chat areas where you can speak in different languages. But as you might know, they are busily working on the other languages for the Lab stories so maybe if they finish making those, they could add a chat section for languages that you choose. My languages that I would speak would probably be English and Spanish and maybe a little French. Also, there should be streak prizes. Reach a certain streak level and you get a prize like a pet or bonus skill or they should have more things to buy in the store.


      But as you might know, they are busily working on the other languages for the Lab stories

      Do you have a source for that claim? As in a URL.


      I went looking to see if I could find something and didn't.

      So far as I can remember, however, there was, not so long ago, a post that said, more-or-less, that Duolingo is putting finishing touches on Lab stories for the languages that already have them and then moving on to others. I hope I have the details more or less right.

      (I think we can reasonably assume that they will not tackle all the languages at once, but do no more than one or two at a time, and that they may never get to some languages.)



      I agree with both of you sidda and woof. But this is a lot of work! But a chance to chat with the other user would really be nice. A section for off-topic discussion would be great. People are talking off-topics here anyway. We are humans and we learn languages so we like to talk, right? It would also clean up the sections about learning stuff.

      An extra section for Tinycard would be very usefull.

      best regards Angel


      An extra section for Tinycards! I really wish they had that!

      • Get rid of the health system immediately
      • some function to chat with other people
      • add an option to set your own ratio for translating to vs from target language
      • add Tips & Notes to mobile apps, and make sure all courses have a good amount of them
      • go over courses like Swahili and Guarani to make sure they're of good quality
      • make it so the "strengthen" function chooses the skills you practice based on how much they've decayed rather than favoring skills at the top of the tree

      I'd try to add these courses before the end of this year:

      • Arabic for English
      • Turkish for German
      • Turkish for Arabic
      • Dutch for French
      • Dutch for German
      • English for Persian (Farsi)
      • English for Marathi
      • English for Urdu (this one could go really quickly since the team could use the already completed English for Hindi tree as a base)
      • English for Serbo-Croatian

      These courses, I would try to add soon:

      • Latin for English
      • Finnish for English
      • Icelandic for English
      • French for Vietnamese
      • Vietnamese for Chinese
      • Hebrew for Arabic
      • Basque for Spanish
      • Catalan for English
      • Thai for English


      Hebrew for Arabic, really. I thought the idea of a ration was interesting.


      Awesome post Dancepointe!


      I would add more stuff to get with lingots, a reward or certificate when you get your whole tree golden after it's finished, and I would resurrect activity streams and Immersion.


      I would add letters from moderators to duolingo members explaining why a certain comment was followed by ( -7 ) down vote.Duolingo Guidelines are not sufficient to the members to let them orienting about downvoting.Moderators have to show sympathy with members instead of rejecting their comments.Members are of diverse cultures and reasons of downvoting are not clear in many times.


      We (mods) don't get to see who is doing the down voting. :(


      I imagine that, while you can, no doubt, often make a good guess from context, in most cases you don't really know for sure the reasons something is down-voted.


      I once saw a mod say that they sent emails to the people whose posts they deleted.


      They used to be able to post something on the offending user's activity stream but now...


      That would put a rather significant extra burden on moderators, who are not responsible for most of the down-votes. In fact, I suspect they down-vote less than the rest of us, since they have other tools for dealing with inappropriate content. They are also (I assume) not mind-readers, so should not have to explain other people's motivations.


      People downvote things that violate the guidelines. People also downvote things they don't like for any of a plethora of reasons. Depending on one's perspective this easily looks like censoriousness or common sense. The more time one spends in the forums, the more it generally looks like the later. There are very few posts I've seen in threads without obvious troll activity with more than one or two downvotes where it wasn't pretty immediately obvious what the motivation for the votes would have been. If I don't agree with that motivation, I happily upvote them.

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