"I found your glasses!"

Translation:Eu am găsit ochelarii tăi!

October 11, 2017

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The answer could also be: "Ți-am găsit ochelarii!"


I also translated : Ti-am gãsit ochelarii tãi ( I do not have a code for T with cedilla).This construction should also be approved. It is similar to:(ti) ho trovato i tuoi occhiali, (te) encontré tus antehojos and the same for French and Portuguese.


I am not native, but I think that if you use "ți-am găsit" you should not add "tăi". Since you appear to know Italian, you can either say "ho trovato i tuoi occhiali" or "ti ho trovato gli occhiali", but not "ti ho trovato i tuoi occhiali", that would be redundant.

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