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Streak problems...

I have a 2 day streak (which is NOT the problem). But it is not showing up when I make a comment etc.--when you see the little thing when you comment that has your level and language and STREAK, my streak is not showing up. Does anyone know what could be happening??? Also, I'm not getting notified when somebody replies to my comment etc. I just noticed the streak thing today, but the non-notification has been going on for at least a week.

October 11, 2017



I believe you should schedule yourself if you having problems with streaks.I just started but so far so good I guess.Just make sure you log in everyday if keeping streaks is the problem!But I have no idea what streaks are for.


Now I'll talk about the discussion. : ) I don't know if this will help but there is a troubleshooting subscription by your other subscriptions. Could that maybe help?


Everyone's tried to help. Here's my explanation:

I believe that only large enough streaks will show up. Please try to get a longer streak and I will investigate. The streak may need to be 5 to 10 or so. I don't remember what my comments used to look like... anyway, question 2 was about notification. You are only notified when you follow a discussion. Whoever replies to you will add 1 to your notifications.


Actually... I've seen people with 1 day streaks TODAY, and I have a 1 day streak that's NOT showing up... Boy is this confusing!


When someone has a problem, don't present your own unless it is strongly tied to the first one.


Thank you! I'm so glad that everyone is so helpful... I probably don't have a big enough streak. But I'm following THIS discussion, and I didn't get notified that anybody responded... Thank you all though!

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