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How to Disable Multiple Choice Questions and Get Open-Ended Typing? And when does this start?

I just started the Japanese course and I love it overall so far. There are some really clever things about the design that I think show that people have put a lot of effort into it, like how the course starts gently introducing Katakana and Kanji, mixed in with Hiragana, after teaching the Hiragana. I really like this because it seems to emulate the way Japanese is actually written.

One thing that has been frustrating and annoying me is the complete absence so far of any open-ended typing exercises, and open-ended recall.

I am currently on "Introduction 2" and have yet to have been required to type anything out on my own. Instead, I'm given multiple-choice questions which have me select a series of characters by clicking them below.

I hate these exercises...I find them tedious and boring, they consume my valuable time (wasting it IMHO) when I could be instead doing open-ended recall which would be helping me to get practice

I have a few questions here:

(1) Do these multiple choice questions stop at some point, and are there open-ended typing questions further along in the course? If so, how far do I have to go before I get to them?

(2) Is there some way to disable the multiple choice questions, and replace them with open-ended typing exercises? And if there is not, can the team please prioritize getting this implemented?

I have a Japanese input method installed on my computer already and I know how to type these things out just fine.


October 11, 2017



As far as I know, there is not an option to disable multiple-choice for any course. Nor, do the multiple-choice questions stop at some point during the course.


I guess it's more about enabling real typing instead of disabling multiple choice here.


I think such open-ended typing questions are not currently implemented in the course. Hopefully they will be in the future.


I don't share the same opinion. I've been using the open-ended Japanese typing questions in this English→Japanese course on web every day for nearly half a year (from 24th April to 10th October)! ^^

Even after the "grey background" lessons redesign had rolled out (which began on 19th September) and all other courses on web had changed over to that new design, both Japanese and Korean courses were still using the previous "white background" lesson design and both still had all their open-ended target language typing questions.

It was only upon the web version of these beta courses being given their official release (on the 10th of October) that both courses suddenly switched from the old lesson design to the awful new one. When this happened, the lesson pages no longer displayed their text input box for questions where typing in Japanese had always been required. This text input box had now disappeared and these nefarious tiles have been put in its place.

In my view, the course itself has absolutely implemented open-ended Japanese typing questions. The only reason we can no longer use it seems to be simply due to the lesson page design the course switched to on the 10th of October displays tiles rather than a text box for these questions, sadly.

I'm not saying this is simply some kind of unfortunate accident that nobody foresaw caused purely by the lesson redesign. I believe someone at Duolingo must have intentionally chose it be this way for Japanese and Korean. It may be the higher ups made the decision, the programming staff had simply designed it this way on their own, or even the course contributor team may have asked for it to be set up this way — but I don't think this change to tiles on web happened purely unintentionally.

Whether or not they've chosen it to be this way for a limited time period (for some unknown reason) or to be like this permanently now... I have absolutely no idea. No one official has communicated with their users at all about this.

It may just be that they feel there aren't quite enough alternative Japanese translations added yet, and that they'd prefer to delay things so as not to get swamped with too many user reports. But I think it's reached a fairly healthy state already, so this seems unlikely. What completely destroys this particular hypothesis though is that it makes absolutely no sense why Korean—with its simple alphabet and spaces—would be in the same boat.

I wish I understood how Duolingo think... ^^;

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