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"I do not know how to open this bottle."

Translation:Nevím, jak otevřít tuhle láhev.

October 11, 2017



You have a typo in your answer. nevím, jak otevřít tuto lahev. Slovo lahev podtrženo jako správný tvar, ale přípustné jsou oba tvary: lahev i láhev.


My mame u vsech variant oba.... Napsala jste lahev a reklo vam to, ze ma byt dlouhe? Nebo to jen podrthlo jako typo?? Ale ma brat oboji.


Wouldn't it be more correct to us "neumím" in this sentence rather than "nevím"?


Something like "Neumím otevřít tuhle láhev?" It is accepted.

Though there is a slight difference in meaning, I think. "Neumím otevřít" means sth like 'I don't possess the ability to open [the bottle].' It has a 'more permanent vibe.'

On the other hand, "Nevím, jak otevřít tuhle láhev." is something I'd imagine you to use when you have the bottle in hand and are confused about how to open it - you just don't know how to do it.

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