"Are these the clothes of someone?"

Translation:Hainele acestea sunt ale cuiva?

October 11, 2017



How do you distinguish in Romanian between "Are these clothes someone's?" and "Are these the clothes of someone?" ?

May 12, 2018


Are these the clothes of someone or shall I put them in the re cycling bag? I guess that makes sense, but otherwise don't all clothes belong to someone unless they are from buying in a shop????

October 11, 2017


Maybe they've been abandoned (yes, by someone). Poor lil' orphaned clothes... :-)

October 11, 2017


What is wrong with "Acestea sunt hainele ale cuiva"?

November 14, 2018


When you have the article "-le" at the end of the noun in a possessive clause like "someone's clothes", you mustn't use the possessive pronoun "ale". It sounds weird and redundant if you do (and is incorrect).

So your translation should be:
"Are these someone's clothes?" = "Acestea sunt hainele cuiva?"

November 23, 2018
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