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Possibility to talk with others and practice

It would be so great if we get the possibility to talk live with other person. It can be for example made like this: - Click on the button - Get the random topic with few points we should talk about - Get live another anonymous person and talk for 2 mins - Rate each other.

What do you think?

October 11, 2017



or just use italki.com to take cheap German classes OR message people for free German language exchanges... to practice your German.



I would support that. There are websites and apps where you can already do that, but it'd be a lot easier to do it all with Duolingo.


Try the Duolingo events in the tab Labs... Maybe you can find out something in your country!


i am looking for someone who has 30-60 mins a day for live German conversation. i am fluent in Arabic, English and Turkish.


seems ineresting

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