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Greek Alternate Conjugation Forms Q

Hello, I have a question about Greek conjugation: As I learn Greek, I have a google document where I keep all of my vocabulary and grammar notes. I use wiktionary to help me by looking up words and viewing their full conjugations, declensions, etc.... With certain verbs I look up, there are several "alternate" conjugation forms. For example:

Singular: 1p - τρώω, (τρώγω) 2p - τρως, (τρώγεις) 3p - τρώει, (τρώγει)

Plural: 1p - τρώμε, (τρώγουμε, τρώγομε) 2p - τρώτε, (τρώγετε) 3p - τρώνε, (τρων, τρώγουνε, τρώγουν)

This is the present tense conjugation of the verb "to eat" in Greek. The forms in the parenthesis are "alternate forms" given by the dictionary. My question is: what are they for, and are they necessary to keep?


October 11, 2017



Many (if not most of the) greek verbs have alternate conjugation forms. Some of them are more archaic or formal. In this course, we present you with the most usual of those forms. In your example above, all the "γ" forms are rare, but still in use here or there (I would only use them if I wanted to sound peculiar, for fun, but everyone uses words differently, of course.) In other verbs, though, there are forms that are equally used or sound more "appropriate". For a beginner, I would suggest to stick with the forms outside of the parenthesis. ;)

October 11, 2017


The ones in the parenthesis are not used in everyday speech, or are rarely used ,so if you want to keep things simple you could stick to these outside the parenthesis(at least just for now).. As for what they are for, I can't answer this question as I really don't know, but I'm sure someone with the knowledge will explain in the comments..

October 11, 2017


Some forms in parentheses could be met in literary texts, some of them are old fashioned and are remnants of Katharevousa, as this τρώγω, not used in an every day conversation. What is the reason they are here? Maybe you can see these forms somewhere. What is the criteria to use a form? To be a form shorter and in the same time the word sounds good, that is, euphony.

October 13, 2017
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