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  5. "This is a Korean restaurant."

"This is a Korean restaurant."

Translation:여기는 한식점이에요.

October 11, 2017



I typed "이것은" for "this." The translation uses the word for "here" instead. Why is it wrong to use "이것은"?


것 is literally a thing, an object. You could point at an object and say 이것은 xxx이에요 but you wouldn't use it for "this place". Use 여기 or 이곳 instead (곳 means "place").


3 months later, I still want to know, please. Oct. 20, 2019.


is there any @duolingo team at all here? I have the same question! would appreciate feed back sometimes!!!


I think it's because in the sentence "this" is being used to say where something is so it's using 여기는 to say "here is" versus 이것은 would be more for a thing like "this (thing) is a Korean restaurant"

tl;dr it might be the difference between a thing and a place (I'm not an expert and Idk for sure)


이건 (the contraction of 이것은) accepted as correct Dec. 2021.


is it possible to say 한식당이에요?


can 당 and 점 be used interchangeably?


To answer both of your questions, 한식점 is the combination of the word 한식 (Korean food [as opposed to Japanese food 일식 or western food 양식]) and the word 점, which is like a location - you would see this often on the front of franchise restaurants stating it's the location for this or that area (죽전점, 강남점). So, no 당 and 점 are not interchangeable. 식당 does have the same 식 hanja but that's about it.


So does 한식당 not mean Korean restaurant? Why can't we use that?


I believe they were saying that 한식당 DOES mean a Korean restaurant. They said 점 basically means location. They gave examples like 강남점, which can be used to say like "Gangnam location" or (perhaps with a looser translation) "Gangnam branch" of a restaurant.

That's how I'm reading what they said

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