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Supplementary audio course intermediate-advanced

Hi I have been using Duolingo for nearly a year now and have been supplementing it with Michel Thomas Method. While this is quite a good course, I find it not very clear at times and difficult to follow especially when driving. Are there any recommendations for intermediate-advanced audio courses to supplement Duolingo that i can use while on the drive to work Thanks D

October 11, 2017



Coffee Break French

Four seasons of 40 podcasts each. Each series can be taken independently, depending on your level of French. Season 1 is for beginners. Season 4 for advanced students. Downloadable as a free podcast for your mobile device (with an option for a paid subscription). Highly recommended.


I see "buy" the seasons. It isn't free


You didn't look hard enough. There's a tab that says "Free Lessons" at the very top of the link I gave. Also, it's a free podcast downloadable in your mobile device, in a podcast app. I've enjoyed these for years and have never paid a penny.

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