"We are living at our parents' place."

Translation:Nous vivons chez nos parents.

October 11, 2017

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I went with "Nous habitons chez nos parents." and it was accepted. This made me curious about habiter vs. vivre so I consulted the google. According to this link, I think habiter is a more appropriate choice in this sentence, though both work. Other's might find this useful: https://www.thoughtco.com/habiter-vs-vivre-1368856


What's wrong with "Nous habitons à la maison de nos parents."?


crazy... but can this be an option and not sound stupid? - Nous vivantes en la maison de nous parents


"Nous sommes vivantes" would mean "we are alive".

"We are living" translates to "nous vivons", just like "we live", because French does not have continuous verbal forms.

"en" is not used to translate "in" with concrete things: "dans la maison"

"nos" means "our" and it is the possessive adjective used before a plural possession: "de nos parents"


No. First, « vivantes» is not a correct conjugation of the verb « vivir ». Also, « nous » can only be a subject or an object. The possessive pronoun is « notre » for singular nouns, and « nos » for plural nouns. I am not good at explaining stuff, so I hope you understand.


First, « vivantes» is not a correct conjugation of the verb « vivir »

It's vivre, not vivir.

As far as vivantes - I mean, it's a correct conjugation, but it's not the correct conjugation. vivant is the present participle of vivre, and vivantes is just the feminine plural form of vivant. Although AFAIK present participles don't decline, so once you start adding feminine and/or plural I'm pretty sure it's officially an adjective. Regardless, you're right; it doesn't belong here.

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