"Nemám ani ženu, ani děti."

Translation:I have neither a wife nor children.

October 11, 2017

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Or "I do not have either a wife or children" (negative verb in English with "either"/"or" as required in English?


"I do not have either a wife or children" is accepted now, but it may not have been at the time of your post.


What are your thoughts on "I niether have a wife, nor children"?


That doesn't work. When we use neither/nor and either/or, we need to use a parallel construction. In your suggested sentence, the construction is not parallel. Compare:

"I have neither a wife nor children." -- We are "equating" two things (wife vs. children).
"I neither have a wife, nor do I want one." -- We are "equating" two actions (having vs. wanting).
"I neither have a wife, nor children." -- The "equation" is flawed (having vs. children).


Great, thanks for the explanation! I had never realized this.


This a global question: Is there’s place in Duolingo where I can find all these clear Czech grammatical explanations in one place? Thank you


Well, sort of. There are Tips & Notes for many Skills in this course, mainly for the earlier skills. They are gradually being added for later Skills, but as the Skills get more complex, fitting a lot to say into the relatively little bit of space that Duo provides is challenging. (IMO, where they exist, they are excellent!)

IMPORTANT: The Tips ARE NOT currently available IN THE APPS, but only in a browser (desktop and mobile).

To find them, click on the circle for the Skill that interests you. If T&N are available, there will be a clickable bar marked "Tips." Click on that, and you should be good to go.


Thanks for the reply BoneheadBass. I placed this question in another topic and Knirf1 answered with a link: https://duome.eu/tips/en/cs

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