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"They introduce me to their parents."

Translation:Elles me présentent à leurs parents.

October 11, 2017



What's the rule that selects "à" as opposed to "aux" in this sentence?


You've got it backwards. à is the default; there has to be a specific condition met to switch to aux. That condition was not met, so it stays à.

Specifically, the condition is that aux = à les. There's no les directly after à for à to merge with, so it doesn't become aux.


perfect explanation, thanks


to the parents ... aux parents

to her parents ... à ses parents

to their parents ... à leurs parents


I put "Ils m'introduisent à leurs parents" but that's wrong


Ils me présentent à leur parents


Funny. Here it says the translation is "présentent à leurs parents".

I used "introduisent à leurs parents".

But, DL showed me "introduisent auprès de leurs parents"

I get the first one "présenter à", but it isn't the proper verb.

I used the verb for "introduce", "introduire" which seems obviously more correct. And, I used "à" which is simple.

But, how does DL get "présenter auprès de" from "introduce to"?


For some strange reason, Duo insists on "elles". How do you know which gender when all you have is "they"?

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