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  5. "오늘 저녁은 금붕어 입니다."

"오늘 저녁은 금붕어 입니다."

Translation:Today's dinner is goldfish.

October 12, 2017



Like the snack that smiles back or the glub glub?


glub glub

There are also street snacks called 붕어빵, but they're just in the shape of fish, no fish taste. Sometimes they're called 잉어빵 to sound fancier.

And while I'm here you can also say 붕어빵이네 which is like saying "they look so much alike." usually for a mom and daughter or something like that.


붕어빵 is similar to the Japanese Daiyaki


to add onto that, 붕어빵 usually has a sweet red-bean paste filling called 팥 but could have other fillings as well (cream for example). I have to say tho the ice cream one with red-bean paste absolutely smacks.


Awww! She was just singing!


Could you put goldfish and is together to make one word? Would that be grammatically correct?


Yes, I think you are correct, as I'm pretty sure the example is incorrect. The 이다 copula (Koreans don't define it as a verb) seems to always be attached to the preceding noun.


Isn't 금붕어입니다 correct? Why are they separated?


heck yeah, some fresh sashimi right there


Nick can you stop referring her thing as a goldfish

it's weird


'Today it is goldfish for dinner'- any good reason for this not to be an acceptable answer? As an English speaker this sounds more natural to me...


I wouldn't say it like that, although I agree with the "for dinner" phrasing. I would say "Goldfish is for dinner today" or "Today goldfish is for dinner." (Also native English speaker, USA.)


아 그 금붕어야 그 그 달고나 그붕어


Why isn't the possessive particle included on the word today?


Todays dinner is weird sounding in English. Tonights dinner sounds better to me because dinner is eaten at night.


Dinner across the English speaking world refers to the largest meal of the day. In some places that means lunch. But I agree it's much more widespread to use "dinner" for the evening meal these days, so it could accept both but "Tonight's" should be preferred.

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