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Timed Practice

At times, the server takes a while to give a reply to the client saying whether an answer is correct or not. In the meantime, the timer is going off. Would it be possible to pause the timer as we wait for a correct/incorrect answer?

There has been multiple instances where I'm just sat there waiting as it's "grading" and the timer is running out.

Thanks guys.

October 12, 2017



As I know it's not passable to pause the timer.


Unfortunately, FieryCat's user script "DuoLessonsFix" is currently not working anymore with the new Scala portal to stop the timer.


You can't pause it by yourself, because if you could, you could cheat and have forever to finish a question. I've heard that some people may have scripts that make the timer pause when you hit enter... but for now, just try your best and get answers correct! By the way, when it takes a long time to grade, it's always an incorrect answer and DuoLingo is just trying to check whether there was a typo or a mistake or whatever.

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