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  5. "Tu înveți engleză?"

"Tu înveți engleză?"

Translation:Do you learn English?

October 12, 2017



I believe "Tu înveți engleză?" is incorrect. The Romanian should be "Tu înveți engleza?" or "Tu înveți limba engleză? "

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Actually, either variant is correct in this case.


Actually, Wyqtor, "Either variant is correct" is a meaningless remark when three versions are referred to and one of them ("Tu înveți engleză?") is wrong. ;)

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You are not a native speaker of Romanian; I am. So please stop trying to lecture me on how to speak my own language.


Fair enough, I am sorry and I take your point, but you didn't mention you were a native speaker. I was confused by your use of "either variant" where three were being mentioned. Could you explain whether "Tu înveți engleză?" and "Tu înveți engleza?" mean exactly the same thing and whether there is any difference in usage? Thanks in advance!


The "select the words" version of this question does not include the "do"


Why is the version without the definite article (engleză) correct? I always thought it was „limba engleză” or just „engleza”.


Why "Do you study English" is wrong answer?

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