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over 1000 lingots...

I've not got a huge streak, but now over 1000 lingots, despite giving away when I see a post worth giving to.

I wonder if the number of lingots we have can somehow compensate for loosing a streak? Certainly having a big streak results in getting a lot of lingots and so is evidence of a lot of work.

October 12, 2017



Although "having a big streak" could often be accompanied by considerable progress, it does not necessarily provide "evidence of a lot of work". It merely shows that a person has done a minimum of one lesson a day, and possibly even less if they have purchased streak freezes. I doubt anyone would make significant progress towards learning a language at that rate.

Best wishes in becoming fluent in whatever languages intrigue you, but I agree with Daniel that many of Duolingo's numbers are irrelevant to that goal.


I'm sure many are of the mind that "streak" satisfaction is one such method which empowers gamification as a learning motivator. It works for me, at least. I find the numbers inspiring, including yours! :)


I agree that maintaining a streak can be an inspiration, and so can gilding a tree, or reaching a higher level. However, my greatest motivator for studying Duolingo and other language resources is when I realize I'm gaining greater fluency in a particular language. The ability to participate in a conversation, follow the dialog in a news broadcast or a film, read articles in newspapers and online, provide powerful positive feedback.

I wish you good luck in your learning, using whatever tools work best for you!

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No you don't have a huge streak!-) I think the highest I've seen is 1600+ days. But your point is well taken. There is no loyalty appreciation built-in most of these systems. But then again, why do you really care about the streak or any other numbers (XP, lingots, tree or fluency levels, etc)? If you had 10-20 times more lingots, what would you do with them today? Regards, Daniel.


An important reason why the streak system even exist is because people put value in that "silly" number.

I don't think it's necessary a bad thing as long as it motivates / helps people to maintain their effort. But people certainly shouldn't stare themselves blind on the number alone.


Are you just agreeing with me about my streak not being huge, a fact that I readily admit and my starting statement,or did you mean anything else by saying this?

I average 20 XP a day, but sometimes, when away with poor internet connection only do 1 XP. Today I did 30 but, despite the skill turning gold the XP were not recorded for some reaso so I have only 20 not 30 recorded. This doesn't bother me at all.

When we have a lot of XP each 10 days lots of lingots are added, reflecting the size of our XP which would normally bear some positive relationship to the streak length.

I have a life to live outside of DL so find that about 20 XP is about all I can do. However, if unwell or sometimes in poor weather I get rather more done.

Edit. I'm not looking to do anything with the lingots. I simply wrote this as some are really upset when they lose their streak and I thought it might help them.

For me, progress on the tree, keeping everything gold, and recognising that I am doing better with the exercises and so hopefully learning on the way is much more important. But a bit of fun and challenge meanwhile with the streak and the lingot is not harmful.


It sounds as though you are following a path that works well for you. Best wishes on your journey!


i would give you a lingot but i don't think you need it

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