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"Give your grandmother an apple."

Translation:할머니께 사과를 드리세요.

October 12, 2017



Should the English expression not be: Give grandmother an apple? There is no "your" in the Korean sentence.


I think both should be accepted. Since it's a command sentence, "your" is basically implied, since you're not gonna share your precious, fresh-picked apples with someone else's grandma!

But also it's common to call her "grandma" as a name, eschewing the need for the possessive pronoun.


I feel that the same idea applies in both languages here. In English, we also commonly call our own parents and grandparents by their title in place of a name, and use "your" or "my" for clarification. I feel the English translation should indeed be "Give grandmother..." instead of "Give your grandmother..." or the Korean answer should have included a translation for the "your." I'm sure by the end we will learn it both ways regardless.


Would 할머님께 or 할머니에께 be more consistent in the level of respect?


There is a real problem of consistency everywhere... sometimes Duolinguo accepts NOUN+에게 sometimes it accepts NOUN + 께 (when you give something TO someone for exemple). Sometimes both are accepted, sometimes only one... seems to be zero rule and just keeps convincing me that I just should never go for the payed version of duolinguo


@Maria - 께 is specifically used as a honorific. When talking about respected people like Teacher, Boss, Grandmother etc. This concept of respect is totally absent in English so no wonder you are so frustrated.


I would use 할머님 as a sign of respect to someone else's grandmother.

할머니, grandma is a more intimate, endearing term. I would save it for my own grandmother.

But there is no strict rule in the use of either terms.


why is 드립니다 not accepted?


• 드립니다 is the declarative mood (style) of the verb 드리다 in the present tense.

드립니다 = give(s)

할머니께 사과를 드립니다 = I give grandmother an apple

• 드리세요 is the imperative mood (used for making a request or giving an order)

할머님께 사과를 드리세요 = (Please) give your grandmother an apple

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