"Ženy je chápou."

Translation:Women understand them.

October 12, 2017

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Most Czechs that I know use the verb "rozumet" when talking about understanding something. Is there a rule to using "chapat" vs "rozumet"?


Often you can use both.

Rozumět can be used for just understanding the words being said, to hear them properly and clearly. Chápat cannot be used for that.

Chápat is better when there is getting something involved. Understanding some logic, some implication, understanding someone's argument. Also understanding why someone did something, although both can likely be used.


How can "je" be translated as "them" here ?


What else would you expect? Je can also be other things, but accusative plural of on,ona,ono is the most common.


I thought "je" was the verb to be in the present for third singular person. "Ona/on/to je..."


That is a different word that looks and sounds the same.


Duolingo making this mistake again by not accepting a correct answer when working off the computer. I wrote down: Women understand them and it marked it wrong.


Please use the report button. In addition, you can also make a screenshot.


Can this not also mean 'women understand it'?


Yes, but
1. you almost surely would not be understood, current speakers will strongly prefer "ho"
2. It must be some specific object in the neuter gender, e.g. hodnocení (evaluation) or oznámení (announcement), not some generic situation, some generic "this or that"

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