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  5. "Kdo mne hledá?"

"Kdo mne hledá?"

Translation:Who is looking for me?

October 12, 2017



This is covered in the "Tips and notes" for this section:


this links leads nowhere useful


The meaning and usage is the same but the pronunciation is slightly different. This particular exercise asks you to transcribe exactly what is pronounced so it will accept 'mne' here but not 'mě'.


Is there any difference in the way mě and mne is pronounced?


Yes, /mne/ vs /mňe/. It is covered in the Tips and notes of the first skills.


Could "Kdo me hleda" also work here since it's the 2nd position?


I don't understand why "Kdo mě hledá?" is not accepted. The Tips section doesn't explain when to use "mne" versus "mě" and looking at my table from Česky krok za krokem 2, the footnote just says that "forma mne je knižní" (ie, bookish/formal). There is nothing in the sentence that indicates a formal situation. Thanks for clarifying!


You must be talking about the listening exercise (because the translation exercise to Czech does not link to this discussion). The reason for the rejection of "mě" is that "mě" sounds different from "mne".


Thanks Nueby...I realized after I posted my question that I had been doing a listening question which is why my answer was wrong. I've built a flash card with text to speech of "pro mě / pro mne" so I can learn the difference.

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