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  5. "국이 좀 짠 것 같아요."

"국이 같아요."

Translation:The soup seems a little salty.

October 12, 2017



"I think the soup is a bit salty" marked as wrong. Surely the 것 같아요 construction is most commonly translated as the opinionated statement "I think that..."


~것 같아요 usually translates to "seems" whereas "I think that..." usually translates to 내 생각에는... or ~라고 생각해요


Yes, you're right, it does

And 이라고 생각하다 is a more literal translation of "I think that" but you don't generally hear it; it's mostly used for debates and the like because it's deemed too forceful for everyday speech.

So "I think that" is often the most accurate translation of 을 것 같다.


Context is everything. Thank you for clarifying the usage instead of a blind translation.


국이 좀 짜다고 생각해요 - I think the soup is a bit/a little salty. ~것 같다 is more along the lines of "to seem like" whereas <sub>라고/</sub>다고 생각하다 is "I think that"

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