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  5. "수프를 좀 더 끓여."

"수프를 끓여."

Translation:Cook the soup some more.

October 12, 2017



"Boil the soup a little more" marked as wrong.


make up your mind about simmer, boil, and cook...


Its just boil. The apps just a little..


If one word has so many meanings, duolingo should accept all those meanings. I put "boil the soup a little more" and it was marked incorrect.


It only means boil. Youre correct


How would you phrase it if you wanted to cook some more soup instead of cooking the soup you have some more?


Cook the soup a little more should be correct


Well the thing is. It means boil and boil only. Its just that korean is in beta right now


Because it's in beta, the only way it will improve by hitting the flag and leaving a comment. It will be read and considered.


Could this not also mean "come some more soup"?



. 수프를 좀 더 끓여 - cook the soup some more /boil the soup a bit longer.

. 좀 더 수프를 끓여 - cook (make) some more soup.


What tense is it? I thought it is "I cook the soup some more."...


And you would be correct too.

In writing, "끓여." can be in either of the modes: declarative, imperative or propositive (in the present tense).

In interrogative mode, it would require a question mark "끓여?"

In speech however, one can rely on voice inflection and intonation.


It seems almost no one has taken into account one very important thing that they are two different verbs: 끓다 - to boil (water boils (by itself) - 물이 끓어요) and 끓이다 - to boil something i.e. stew (저는 김지찌게를 끓여요)...of course I am not an expert nither English nor Korean sa I can be wrong....


Good point. This is the case of a causative verb 끓이다 derived from a passive verb 끓다.

• 끓다 = come to the boil = boil [intrans] = be boiling, where boiling is a gerund describing an ongoing state.

끓는 물 = water at boiling point

• 끓이다 - bring (something) to the boil = boil [transitive] = be boiling (something), where boiling is a present participle describing a process

끓이는 물 = water being brought to the boil


I put "cook some more soup" and got it correct. Is this an accurate translation?

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