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Otras maneras de decir I DON’T CARE en inglés

Podemos usar estas expresiones cuando no tenemos preferencia sobre algo. Es siempre mejor decir estas expresiones antes que decir I don’t care.

pregunta respuesta
What do you want for dinner?
¿Que quieres para la cena?
Whatever you want.
Lo que tú quieras.
It doesn’t matter to me.
No me importa
Anything is fine.
Cualquier cosa está bien.
Do you want Italian or Korean food for dinner?
¿Quieres comida italiana o coreana para la cena?
Either one is fine.
Cualquiera está bien.
Both sound good to me.
Los dos suenan bien.

Podemos usar wherever, whichever, whenever, whoever, whatever, however para decir que cualquier opción está bien. El significado es similar al de any.

ejemplo significado
Sit wherever you want. = Sit any place you want.
Siéntate en cualquier lugar que tú quieras.
Visit us whenever you want to. = Visit us any time you want to.
Visitanos en cualquier momento que tú quieras.
Whoever needs a ride, come with me. = Anyone who needs a ride, come with me.
Cualquier persona que necesite que lo lleven, que venga conmigo.
Para más información sobre any, visita este post .

Podemos usar matter o mind para hablar de preferencias.

pregunta respuesta
Does it matter what time dinner is?
¿Importa a qué hora es la cena?
No, any time is fine.
No, a cualquier hora está bien.
Actually, can we eat before 7:00?
De hecho, ¿podemos comer antes de las 7?
Do you mind if we have pizza?
¿Te importa si comemos pizza?
No, that’s fine.
No, está bien.
Actually, I don’t really like pizza.
De hecho, no me gusta la pizza.

¿Conoces alguna otra expresión que podamos agregar a las tablas? Comparte tus ideas con los otros usuarios en los comentarios.

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October 12, 2017

13 comentarios


"I don't care" you can say instead "Whatever" but there are very few other ways in English without being more offensive. I wouldn't suggest using phrases like that often!


Thak you for suggestion!


Would still be fun to know, heheheh


I don't give a "f word"


I don´t give a "s word"


ALL of these are rude...but then, so is "I don't care." :D

  1. "Who gives a damn?" / "I don't give a damn."
  2. "That's great for you!" (sarcastic)
  3. "Am I supposed to care?"
  4. "Talk to the hand..."
  5. "Tell someone who cares."
  6. "You can go and shove it."
  7. "Go die."
  8. "Do I give a crap?"
  9. "I don't need a play-by-play." (from the movie 13 going on 30)
  10. "Eww TMI!!" (Too much information)


Thank you so much, this post is helpful.


I couldn't care less es una muy buena expresión para indicar que a uno le importa un comino.


Very good! I like these suggestions. In fact, I am taking note to use them from tomorrow on.


Helpful Duo, can you help me? I feel a subtle difference when using "mind" or "matter". I´ll try to express myself as clear as possible: when you ask for permission, in a polite way, you would say "do you mind if I..." smoke, for instance. And (hopefully for me!) the answer will be "I don´t mind".

I feel ( I insist with "feel", because I can´t find a better word), that "does it matter to you" sounds stronger. I can imagine someone saying "no matter" in the way we say "no hay problema"...just when the problem is right in front of us...

Am I too wrong??? Thanks a lot!

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