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900 Days AND Level 25 In Spanish!

I have been slower at this than some, but chugging away at it 2 to 4 lessons a day for the last 900 days in a row, I have reached level 25 in Spanish.

I have appreciated the rather liberal nature of DL's learning method. For me, learning Spanish is a life-long goal, not just a thing to do for the now. I patiently plugged away at it, knowing that the words would sink in over time and repetition. DL's method allowed me to practice each day, mistakes or not, and just keep going.

Thank you, DL, for making this a fun experience.

October 12, 2017



Congratulations! I am also just looking to practice everyday and am not in a competition for being the fastest learner. I find I am not even halfway XP wise to level 25 although I am at level 19. But I will keep plugging away and I am sure when I reach level 25 I will find it easier to follow conversations. As per my calculations, I will require 5 years to reach level 25 unless DL introduces more exercises which give more XP for the same time spent. I did speed up a bit because of the stories.


¡Enhorabuena! No te preocupes si estás aprendiendo lentamente. SIGUE ADELANTE!






What is your "fluency" level? Do you converse with native speakers?


Congratulations! Maybe I will set day 900 as my goal for reaching level 25 as well...

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