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Make the ‘owl’ useful.

Now the Duolingo ‘owl’ appears after 5 or 10 right answers and says something like “good job”. This is not very motivating and now it is becoming annoying. Consider these alternatives: 1. Offer the user the option to turn this appearing ‘owl’ “off”. 2. Include more relevant motivational sayings instead, such as, “You’ve completed 50% of this level’s questions”. 3. The ‘owl’ should have her own statistics webpage providing users useful feedback such as percent or number of learners at same level, a learners’ trend log showing common mistakes by lesson, learners in your city, or current learning language vocabulary size. 4. The ‘owl’ can make recommendations to aid learning such as, lessons to repeat, aids with grammar or pronunciation, or even language learning groups nearby. I love Duolingo and make these suggestions only to help improve its performance! Thanks! JK in Albuquerque

October 12, 2017



Hi, those are great ideas!

Could you please edit your post and use the drop-down menu to change the topic from "French" to "Duolingo"? That way your discussion won't clutter up the French forum, and it will get more visibility from the general Duo population.


  1. Offer the user the option to turn this appearing ‘owl’ “off”

Web version: No owl in my account
Android App: Settings - General - Motivational messages - OFF


I would think it would be an improvement even for Duolingo to speak in the target language. It would feel slightly less pointless!


I kind of like the owl pop-ups myself, though I can totally see how they might get annoying over time. I like flootzavut's suggestion of having the motivational messages in the target language! I also really like suggestions "3" and "4" above re: the individual feedback, particularly having the lists of trouble words or frequent errors, and areas needing additional strengthening, all in one place (rather than having to check within each leaf of the tree).


As an addendum. Bring the Owl back to the web version. I miss the adorable thing.

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