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  5. "이기는 걸 몰라요."

"이기는 몰라요."

Translation:I do not know how to win.

October 12, 2017

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What is the purpose of 걸 here?


Short for 것을 it's to change the verb into a noun making a gerund. Review the gerund skill for more examples.


'이기는 걸은' '이기는 것을'을 줄인 것입니다. 따라서 영어 문장을 바탕으로 전달하고 싶은 내용을 말하자만 이기는 것이 아니라 이기는 방법이라고 해석해야 합니다. 한국어에 맞추어 보면 'I do not know to win' so it is awkward


Where is the "how" in this statement? This seems more like, "I don't know winning".


I think it is idiomatic.

V-는 것을 모르다 =

to not-know (모르다) anything (것, things) which concerns V-ing (V-는) =

To not-know anything about V-ing =

To have no idea about V-ing =>

To not know how to V *

(* This is not the same as:

"to not have the know-how of/practical skill to" ~ㄹ/을 줄 모르다" also

"to not know a way to "어떻게 + V(으)ㄴ/는지 모르다")


Oh. I get it, now. Thanks.


것 is not 'anything' though


This is a very indirect way of saying one does not know how to win. I think it is only confusing to learners, so I am disabling this exercise.

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