"This married couple is happy."

Translation:이 부부는 행복해.

October 12, 2017

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What would differentiate 부부 from being just a couple? Just context or am i missing something?


according to naver dictionary, 부부 specifically means married couple


I wrote 이 부부는 행복해요 and got it marked as a typo because of 요. Since it is very unclear what a typo is... Is it really a typo or rather another solution? since there is no context implying the formality... would appreaciate the grammatical explanation @duolingo!


That's not a typo at all; the 요 simply made the sentence more formal while still keeping the same meaning. Your answer should have been accepted. I would report it.


Duo only gives me the press the korean words to make the sentence and it never gave me 부부는 just 부부 And It marked me wrong as i didnt put 는 But It didnt give me 는...


You can reported it. it showed to me

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