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Highest level in a language?

Just curious, but what is the highest level you can get in a language? There are only so many lessons, so wouldn't that mean once you reach the end you stop leveling up in that language? Is it the same amount for each language? Or are they all different? Just something I though of while trying to reach my goal today.

October 12, 2017



You can reach up to level 25.

[deactivated user]

    And what happens than?


    I'd like to add one thing: Your level depends on XP you earn from completing lessons, but also from strengthening. Most people finish the tree (i.e. complete all the lessons) before they reach level 25, so you can typically only get the last five to ten levels through revision. So no, you don't stop levelling up once you reach "the end".


    I got a long way to go then.


    You're already farther along than me.


    Your level in a language depends on how much XP you get for your tasks. You stop leveling of for certain levels when you reach the end. There is no set level you end on because all languages have different amounts of tasks.


    Makes sense. I like your username by the way :)


    Generally A2-B1, B2 should be possible if you perfectly master everything on Duolingo and have at least minimally spent time on the language outside of Duolingo. B2 through Duolingo alone is probably very hard since the reviewing isn't as targeted as it could be.


    The maximum level is 25; it's the same for every language on DuoLingo. The level means how much XP you have. You can finish the tree before you're level 25, but I don't recommend that as it's very tiring. So keep getting XP, and get to level 25!


    For most people it's a very great deal more tiring to reach level 25 than to merely do all the lessons in a tree :) There are trees that can be finished in a matter of hours (I've seen mentions of as little as 6 hours, starting from scratch.)


    I am at 18 in Spanish, but went through the tree a good while back.

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