Can I assign different assignments to each one of my students?

October 12, 2017


Hi! Moving this to the educator's forum for you, as you are more likely to get ideas there! You can assign to different classrooms, have you considered grouping them that way?

Hi Vivisaurus,
Please, can you also give an answer to this very interesting question?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Vivisaurus. There are a number of features like this that get requested quite often in the Educators forum. Is there any chance of any of them being added by the developers?

Unless you have on classroom for each. But I am unsure of how many classes you can have.

No, you can only have one language. But if you mean't in the same class, still no. You can only say that certain things need done by a certain time like Basics 1 needs done by 10/13/2017.

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