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An opinion on Duolingo's iOS health.

I remember the days of the three hearts where one would feel tension raise as the neared the end of the lesson fearing one more wrong answer would be game over, the only option to go back and restart the lesson. I prefer the more relaxed feeling that replaced that when the green and yellow bar was introduced. Then health came back. I agree that for some users who avoid reviewing previously passed material, them being forced to review is very positive for their language learing. To have a golden owl at level 10 or 11 is pointless. But for me the health is just a nuicence. It makes me afraid to make a mistake and now forces me to check the hint which I hate. I'd rather get It wrong, learn by mistakes and get It right next time. It seems also that a main reason for introducing health is to advertise (with manipulated consent), as users must watch adverts of silly gaming apps to regain health. If there are younger people. The very thing that should not be offered to them during constructive language learning, is adverts for addictive war games. It seems like a step back for duolingo and a real sell out when they should be striving to retain younger peoples' attention. There are ways and means to raise capital that are creative, constructive and show some common sense.

October 12, 2017



Exactly! Thank you! The health feature is obstructing learning, not promoting it!


I dislike it as well, and do not utilize the mobile app


I read about health when it was first proposed, and although they gave a sensible-sounding argument for it, now reading the reviews on iTunes makes it sound more and more like a cash-cow. Thanks for posting this – I'll be careful not to update the app.

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