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  5. "Are we here by chance?"

"Are we here by chance?"

Translation:우리는 우연히 여기에 있습니까?

October 12, 2017



Korean can use the adverb ANYWHERE you want in the sentence. No matter where it is, it neither make the sentence wrong nor change the meaning.


"이 모든 건 우연이 아니니까~"


I said, "우연히, 우리는 여기에 있습니까?" Is it actually incorrect to begin sentences with the conjunctive adverb?


I had a similar question as i answered "우리는 여기에 우연히 있습니까" and was marked incorrect.

I have no idea if this is an error or if i have actually messed up the sentence structure since there are many times in this course that there arent many alternative correct answers.

Anyone have a good resource on sentence structure? I get the basics, but i dunno about adverb placement.


Actually any combinations of (우연히 우리는 여기에) the three words make sense. There might be slightly different verbal nuances, but any orders are technically fine. Looks like Korean duolingo has a lot to go.


I think it changes the meaning of the sentence by using a different use of the common English phrase "by chance". My understanding of the initial phrase is more like saying, "is it by intent or mere probability that we've arrived here?"

The way you've written it, (By chance, are we here?) uses the phrase in a less literal, more colloquial way. My interpretation of that is closer to "is there any chance we are here?"


우리는 여기에 우연히 있습니까. this is correct. i am Korean speaker.


i thought it would be better if the adverb was closer to the verb... is 우리는 여기에 우연히 있습니까 actually wrong or is it that duolingo doesn't have many alternative correct answers?


That's correct, it just took some time before they accepted it


Topic typically comes first.


우리는 여기에 우연히 왔습니까

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