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Could duolingo do me & everyone a favor? please.

I think that we should have more German words and more german skills for the German course.

Here are some suggestions:

German fairy tales/ vocab words parts of Germany
C1 level words more food vocab

I hope that someone who works at duolingo sees this!

October 12, 2017



Well, first off, the German course is one of the longest courses on duolingo, second of all, why just German only? I don't take German, there are plenty of people who don't take German, so how would that be a favor to everyone? Third off, the tree was designed to take you to B1 at the highest in German.


That is not necessary. From A2 level, you are able to use other resources.

Please read the comments in this discussion


I agree that it would be good to have more challenging material for the courses. I am missing that in Spanish and French.

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