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  5. "Kateřina chce bohatého."

"Kateřina chce bohatého."

Translation:Kateřina wants a rich one.

October 12, 2017



The first time this sentence shows up it seems really strange. And "Kateřina wants someone rich" makes perfect sense on the English side. But seeing how it's being translated -- and that "someone rich" is still not accepted -- I'm just trying to view it as A Learning Opportunity for some "real Czech"! :-)


Yeah, good attitude!

I think it might be useable for other things? I think ample is another translation so maybe she's picking like a bucket of apples and she wants a full one? Terrible analogy. Can desserts be rich in Czech?

After I saw there was a male and female version of the question it made a lot more sense!


Would "Katerina wants someone rich" not make sense here?


It is likely but you can't logically deduce that its only a person. I think we can say for sure that it's a masculine animate noun though. Not sure what that leaves us with.


I don't think an English speaker would write "a rich 1". That is clearly the number one and would not refer to a person or even a thing. It would have to be "a rich one."


I imagine it'd have to be contextual. like "Chce Kateřina muže?" "Ano, chce bohatého."


Yes it is true. We czech know that it is mean Kateřina chce bohatého muže.


Maybe if they are texting


.Standing alone this sentence is not good. It needs a context, so "Katerina wants someone rich" is as good a translation as the word for word translation.


I disagree because we have the same implicate statements in English. I appreciate this one quite a bit. Exercises like this are very valuable.


Although the English do not yet know "a rich", they do know "the rich". "A rich one" makes no difference in terms of gender and animation, she could also be "a rich one", the Czech example does this, it distinguishes between sexes. There should be a "man" to choose from and not just "one", "one" is like none. : )


You misunderstood how the tiles work. They give you only words for one of the translations, not for all possible translations. And the translation with "one" is a correct one and the closest one, there is no reason for needing "a rich man" here.

If you want to answer in a different way, switch to keyboard input.

"Kateřina wants a rich man." IS accepted.

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