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Meaning of your username...

My curiosity has genuinely been stoked. Just a discussion topic for those of you on Duolingo with fantastic usernames... I mean sometimes the username is self explanatory, but other times... its not. ;)

For me, I chose _aaangie_s because pretty much every other version of 'angie' I could think of to use had been taken. Can't wait to see the usernames that pop up!!

October 12, 2017



Alcman was a poet in the ancient and powerful Sparta. Everybody talks about the Spartan warriors, but nobody talks about a poet in that bellicist state city.


Mine means my name is floot, or they call me floot, in Russian. I studied Russian at university, I play the flute, and a French friend nicknamed me floot because flute/flûte is somewhat ambiguous in French. I used to go by sarah-flute, but I really liked floot. Floot was already taken on some websites; flootzavut, as far as I know, is unique to me.


People who know or are learning Irish might know what my username actually means, but if you're not, the word for "sky" in Irish Gaelic is actually "spéir". Because accent marks weren't accepted, I simply took the accent mark off the "e", and because the username was already taken when I registered, I added an underscore to the end of the word.

I personally love the sky, which is probably because blue is absolutely my favorite color, and it's always been a nickname of mine for quite a while now. So, when I decided to register with an account for Duolingo, I wanted my username to be unique, so I thought it might be unique to simply use the word in another language. Originally, I was actually about to use "hemel" (Dutch for the word "sky"), but instead decided to stick with my current username, simply because I really loved the sound of when the word is spoken, and it seemed to fit as the perfect username for me. :D


Mine is because my full name is Maxwell but you can just cal me Max



I was a big Divergent fan when I chose this Username... Soooooo, me being the youth I was back then (which was like 7 months ago) decided to put one of the lines which (the main character) in the book says "...I am Brave". I would change it but I could spend hours trying to decide on a good Username!

16 is my lucky number as I was born on the 16th of March.



I used to like Divergent. Now I just hate it :P Not sure why my opinion changed though.


I know what you mean. I can think of 50 books which I read that are way better than the Divergent books. Now, whenever I look at book recommendations, the Divergent books are always there - which makes me angry as none of the good book that I've read are 'recommended'. (Though, to be honest, I don't hate the divergent books... they just annoy me).

EDIT: Butttt.... I still LOVE Theo James ;D


It's a phenomenon called Youth...


well, my old user name used to be Pandatea till I searched it up online and found out that pandatea is a tea made from panda poop. since that is kind of gross (who would drink it??) I decided to change my username to what it currently is. (it's lame but it's the only thing I can think of!)


Captain_Duo....... someone on this website uses a batman Duo, and batman is my favorite superhero, but since he was using it, i asked if he could make me a captain america one, so he did and i went with Captain_Duo!


My name is a mix of two things I love: The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Ball Z.

Both series has a character wielding a particular sword at some point (the master sword from TLOZ and the z-sword from DBZ), so I just mixed the two names together and got "MasterZsword".


It's my name pronounced upside down


My name is Lynnae Grismore but people call my last name Griz

[deactivated user]

    I just thought it sounded cool and I went with it. ┐(︶▽︶)┌


    Mine is beacuse i love gymnastics and the numbers are just their


    You can edit your username in the Settings. That's why I'm not LanguageLa735662 or whatever. Hope this helped!


    My username is not Self-Explanatory. I was thinking of usernames, and since this account is for learning French, I put "French". But that's not a good name, so I put "Bit" after. By the way, a bit is a small amount of information, either a 0 or 1. Then I changed it to Byte. I have several other accounts on different websites with Bit or Byte in them. Right. What's a Byte? 8 Bits. :)


    Skyflakes is a brand of saltine crackers popular in the Philippines.

    I grew up in the US in an area that didn't have a large Filipino population when I was a child, but the community has grown significantly in the past ten years. A small Filipino grocery store opened up in my area a few years ago and one of the first things I bought from there was a big plastic container of skyflakes crackers. After I finished them, my mom re-purposed the container to hold loose screws and nails in our garage. She put a label on it that said "nuts & volts" instead of "nuts & bolts" because the letters V and B sound the same in her accent. I decided that a huge re-used skyflakes container with that spelling error on it was a symbol of my culture so I use skyflakes in my username on a lot of sites.


    that's so cool & my fav so far

    [deactivated user]

      My college roommate would say spiffy all the time, and my name is Tiffany. Thus I became Spiffy_Tiffy.


      well it's simple really; i'm a duck in real life


      I chose ''Woof'' because dogs are the greatest things ever. I just really love dogs :D

      I used to be ''Duo.....'' because I wanted to be ''Duo'' but that was too short, and ''Duo.'' ''Duo..'' ''Duo...'' and ''Duo....'' had already been taken.

      I like your username btw :)


      My name is Leah sometimes people get it confused u can spell and pronounce my name a lot of ways Lea Luis Libya Leah laya Layla etc so I said ok just call me La for short Leah ✌️✌✌


      One day I had some gray shoes . They were very plain . I wanted to add something to make them bling. I was thinking of words I could put on the shoes . I wanted the words to be similar or something like unique or creativity because I was sure they would standout once I put gold bling to them . So my sister put the word unique on hers. And I didn't want to have the same thing. So I kept thinking. And I thought of the word signature . I was like yesssssss just right. MY SIGNATURE SHOES THAT WORD SOUNDED PERFECT TO ME. the s.s. So I thought of maybe I can put my name on it too and it will be Sarah signature. Then I was like well I don't want my whole name on it. So I ended up putting signature on both side. Since my name is Sarah I just put a s for my name and added signature at the end . so just called me S.S . That expresses my creativity and uniqueness. All started from some shoes


      Poddezhka means "The support" in Russian, it is my way to tell my friends I care 4 them


      I was a 9-10 year old weeb when I 'created' the name ''Kiko'' it's simple and nice so yeah, I kept it until this day~


      der Arzt = the physician (in German)

      Since in a few years I'll become one.


      SL are my initials. Lucian because it's a thing in the 39 Clues books and I'm a fan. Scarlett for the same reason. You'd only understand if you'd read the series.


      It's a Talking Heads song. I'm not even a man!


      It shall remain a mystery.


      aw no don't torture me hooman!!! Tell....


      Mine was a word I made up when I was like 5 years old. For some reason, I had this idea that I would open up an African clothing store when I grew up. 5yo me thought this word sounded African and decided that would be the name of my store. It was a brief dream - it maybe lived for one day. Lol But I never forgot the word. I use it now, in part, because it reminds me of the innocence, curiosity, and creativity of youth. It's very much a part of my identity.


      Oh I relate, I relate to that so much. The word that was me is Bigganzz. ;_; we females are so silly; aren't we tho?? That was beautiful.

      Ah moving on....


      Mine isn't that unique. My username is based on my first name and I added my age during that time which was 23.

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