"El mănâncă de la mijlocul mărului."

Translation:He eats from the middle of the apple.

October 12, 2017

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A poor sentence. There are a lot of other ways to introduce the word mijlocul !


Agreed. Duo seems to think that we will remember better if the sentences are weird. That may be true to a degree, but just about any other language learning program presents useful language, not weird, useless language. This is my second time through this course, and I think I've found about two sentences I could actually see myself using in Romania.


If you're a worm ;)


It's not possible to eat from the middle of an apple as it has skin on the outside!


If you are a worm and the egg was put in the blossom before it turned into an apple it is possible. Also if you cut the apple first, I don't see the problem.


Okay... so what if this sentence means this guy starts eating apples by eating a stripe around the equator before moving to the northern and southern hemispheres

the equator of the apple could be called "the middle" could it not?

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